Hello South Africa…

… well hello Cape Town anyway…

Compared to living in India, I feel like I am back home in the states again. Many things feel familiar to me, more “western” … yet I am not at home, I am in South Africa, the province of the Western Cape and even more specifically the city of Cape Town. And things are not the same. Life here is owned by its people, its rhythms, its flavors, its sights, its history and its politics.

I’m just starting to soak some of it in…

6 thoughts on “Hello South Africa…

  1. I have spent some time “with” you this cold, sunny afternoon & have been delighted & blessed by your words & images of people & places & things I know so little about. All good…words from a favorite book, “The Principles of Uncertainty” …There is so much to do. Let me go with you. Lead the way.
    Thanks for taking me away this day. Be well, travel safely.

    • Connie, Thanks for your poetry and your time. I am well, a bit unsettled and slightly lost … things are going as they should. Thanks for reading!

  2. Good to see ur blog and u definitely have a special eye
    thanks for the wonderful experience u give us may our good lord go ahead of u all through ur journeys

    • Noah – I do believe that God does go ahead of all of us. Thank you for your wishes and your comments. Many Blessings!

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