Goodbye India…

India you loved me, you hated me, you fed me, you starved me, you clothed me, you stripped me of my expectations, you shocked me, you gave me a gentle peace, you shared your stories with me, you gossiped behind my back, you kept me separate from you and you took me in as one of your own…

India you clarified, confused, challenged and helped me to better understand me, my hopes, my prejudices, my way of seeing the world … You gave me many opportunities to think twice, notice the subtleties and consider a different way to react and to be…

I see you differently than before I arrived … not better, not worse just more truly, more humanly, less naively.

Goodbye India … don’t forget me, I will never be able to forget you …you are now a part of who I am.

I’ll see you again … some day …but for now, I will carry you in my heart …

(And no I’m not back in the states … my next post – South Africa…)

7 thoughts on “Goodbye India…

  1. I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be to try to sum up all that you’ve experienced in India these last several months. This post is just beautiful, Kirsten. What powerful images and words. I’m praying for more wonderful, beautiful, inspiring experiences for you in South Africa!

  2. Hey that was one true account, your graphic details make Indians realise what they have been missing all along. glad u had a wonderful experience in aromatic India.
    Waiting for that
    Someday ……… !!!!!

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