The Star of Christmas

To be a Christian in India means many things. But most distinctly at Christmas time it means to hang a star. All Christian homes hang a star and often a lit star in front of or over their homes. You see stars often large and bright, and some with the greeting, “Happy Christmas!” at churches, Christian schools and even some businesses. It’s a subtle yet quite visible reminder that … “at this house we are Christian.” A simple star that points the way to the center of Christmas, a simple star that says its Christmas time and we remember the coming of God in Jesus.

We remember that God came into the world in human flesh, in the form of a baby, innocent and weak, beautiful and full of love to dwell amongst us in this world to feel the things we feel; joy and pain, love and hatred, friendship and betrayal.  Remember Jesus as the center, the reason and the star of Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

3 thoughts on “The Star of Christmas

  1. Another beautiful post Kirsten. Last night we drove around with Alexa to look at Christmas lights which she loves. Can’t help but compare the subtle beauty of the single stars to the giant reindeer, frostys,and santas we saw.
    You are in my prayers often especially during this time of Christmas when you are so far away.

  2. Kirsten,
    thinking of you in a far away land! Like the 3 wisemen who followed their Star, so are you! Many Christmas blessings and a Happy New Year!
    Cheryl and Jerry Routh

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