Christmas comes quietly…

I guess that makes sense in a land where only about 2.3% of the population understands themselves to be Christian… Christmas doesn’t hit you over the head like it does in the states with the radio playing Christmas music everywhere, every shopping mall and individual store decked out with sparkly excess, individuals with inflatable lawn ornaments and an intense debate and challenge for many churches trying to claim Advent against a Christmas backdrop that seeks to dull your senses and lull you into a shopping frenzy only “befitting of a Christmas season.”

Of course other holidays and festivals garner much attention at different times. October celebrated the Hindu festival of Diwali, the festival of lights which to American eyes felt like Christmas in the shopping malls in the days leading up to this big festival. And the night of which felt like the 4th of July (American Independence Day) on steroids. From the roof top that I was able to be on that night, I could look in any direction to see amazing displays of fireworks. I can’t imagine the cost in Indian Rupees, though the cost in air pollution was a little more obvious…

But Christmas seems quiet in the days before it comes. I like the preparation time that feels maybe more like Advent but I have to admit missing a little of the buzz.

Still I was able to find Mary and the baby Jesus under the tree…

The colors of red and green…

The comingling of the sacred and the secular…


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