Kindness and Love

A couple weeks ago I would have told you that I am exhausted. Exhausted physically. Exhausted mentally. Even exhausted emotionally. Traveling is awesome and it can be exhausting and overwhelming too.

And I got overwhelmed. I was sick, I was alone and I found my tipping point.

Or was I alone?…

I called a friend and before I could say a word, the tears began to flow… the next thing I knew I was at my friend’s grandmother’s home being nursed back to health. Her English was sparse but complete enough for us to communicate on the bare essentials. She feed me my favorite south Indian foods, monitored my liquids, let me sit with her, let me sleep in her room so that I would not be alone, held my hand …

She just let me rest, recover and come back to me.

While I was with her in the country, I rested, read and watched the animals, even they slept a little siesta in the middle of the day.

I don’t think I even realized how much she had done for me until the last day I was with her. I went in to her room to say thank you and goodbye and once again before I could even speak, the tears began to flow. She reached out her hand to mine and looked at me with knowing eyes… I reminded her that when I came to her I was so sick and so homesick … and that she brought me back to health. She told me that it was good for her Mother’s heart to be able to care for me. I hugged her with more tears.

What kindness, what selfless love! Look at this beautiful woman’s eyes and smile, it’s written all over her!


16 thoughts on “Kindness and Love

  1. I am so glad that you were able to receive this mother’s love. I feel ill for a few days when I was in Liberia a few years ago and was cared for by some friends. It can be scary to feel so vulnerable, but then you can find yourself in a place to receive love and care and build relationship in ways you never imagined. My prayers remain with you as you set your face toward your next adventure; may you continually see God’s love and care manifested in those around you so that you are reminded that you are never alone.

    • So true. Had I not gotten sick I would never have allowed myself to receive such care. And it has happened over and over again on this trip, when I am lost or in another form of need,someone is always there looking out for me even if it is only pointing the way to the restroom. We are never alone.

  2. Kirsten – Thanks for sharing your feelings! I’m so glad you had someone to turn to. I, too, resonate now with your feelings of loneliness, and find that I appreciate others’ phone calls or make the call myself for a human contact. Take care! – Gaye

    • Hi Gaye – I really debated on whether I wanted to post this post or not. But I am glad that it resonated we you (and it seems some other too.) Kirsten

  3. Kirsten! I am in the midst of writing a sermon about being in the wilderness and your post, your experience is the wilderness. And God shows up each and every time. I’m praying for you. Thank you for your beautiful witness.

    • Laura! So fun to hear from you! Yes the wilderness theme seems to keep repeating itself in large and small ways … I guess that’s a testament to life and love, faith and patience. Thank you for your prayers and I’m sure your sermon was awesome!

  4. Kirsten,
    I’m thankful to this beautiful woman for surrounding you with a mother’s love when you needed it most. I love keeping up with your journey. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers often.

    • Amy – It is so good to hear from good friends! India is a long way from home. I hope your road to being Mom to 2 is going well!

      • Kirsten-I have no complaints about pregnancy-I know this will be the easiest part of being a family of four. Alexa is excited and tells me she has a baby in her tummy, too. Looking forward to catching up in person someday!

  5. Hi Kirsten,
    This is Jan in Iowa writing to you. I just found out about your blog yesterday from a friend in Clear Lake and have spent time reading it from beginning to the December 2 entry. It has been and year and nine months since you spent many times at my bedside comforting me with your words of encouragement and prayers. Now I see that it is my turn to do the same for you for your health and safety. Remember that our awesome God is with us at all time–the good and the bad–and brings many wonderful people our way to help us through the bad and rejoice with us during the good. God’s blessings to you!

    • Jan!!! – So good to hear from you. I am so glad you found me. God is awesome. Surrounding us through the good and the bad just as you say. Thank you for your prayers. And I pray that you continue to grow stronger in flesh and spirit!

  6. This is the sweetest thing I’ve read in a long, long time. God bless & keep you & the beautiful mama who cared for you in all of the ways you needed.

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