Monkeys love Orange Soda

Who knew???

I made it to Agra, home of the world’s most beautiful building, the Taj Mahal. It was everything I was told it would be, awe-inspiring, worn, and packed with tourists and touts… But I was there, SEEING THE TAJ MAHAL!!!! Doing what absolutely everyone else does when they come to visit, taking a ridiculous number of pictures … the whole palace, part of the palace, me with the whole palace, me with part of the palace, with this light, with lots of people,  oh look the haze is starting to clear up … no less than 100 pictures later, I share with you this one.

But believe it or not there is more to see in Agra than the famed testament to love… there’s the Itimad-ud-Daulah which is referred to as the Baby Taj. Obviously it is much smaller but it is also easier to see. It’s a quiet respite after the noise and the crowds of the Taj and the city of Agra.

There’s also the Agra Fort, which is somewhat a kin to the more well-known Red Fort in Delhi and gorgeous all the same.

But even with all the beauty, the scary monkeys still stole the show. Shamelessly putting their personalities on full display for all us tourists to see …

The mother instinct seems present in all species … but so does a feisty spirited nature…

We were walking into the Agra Fort, there was one of those subtle disturbances … an audible gasp was heard and the crowd parted ,,, out through the opening came sprinting none other than a monkey clinching the freshly stolen orange soda bottle from an unsuspecting tourist …

He found an open area of cement planted himself down and instantly became the tour’s highlight as we turned our back to the fort and put all eyes on him…


5 thoughts on “Monkeys love Orange Soda

  1. Hi Kirsten ~
    Love the picture of you in front of the hazy Taj. I’m happy you got to see the Taj Majhal and the other beautiful buildings and surrounding area . It is the favorite of all my travels!

    • Hey Judy! I was thinking of you and remembering our conversation from this summer before the play, when I was in Agra. I truly enjoyed Agra, it was a really hazy day but it was wonderful all the same. I am so glad you are following my travels!

  2. Kirsten, this is not orange soda! The brand Frooti is a mango drink with added sugar. Even UTC at one point of time had monkeys visiting and they also took whatever they got and always managed to open it too. Nice pictures.

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