The Big City

I made it into Chennai a few days ago. It feels a world away from Tiruvannamalai. The population went from 200,000 to over 6 million. Chennai is India’s fourth largest city and it feels very much like a city whether day or night.

I arrived at Gurukul Seminary just in time to take part in their Alumni Workshop titled: Health Stigma and Discrimination: Christian Mission with People Living with HIV and AIDS. I was very impressed by the theologians that presented and even more impressed by the group of children from a place called SHELTER here in Chennai. It’s a home for kids living with HIV/AIDS. A woman whom I understood to be a house mother who was also infected with HIV,and one of the older kids spoke of their experience. Being infected with HIV by her husband, watching a parent die, feeling the intentional rejection by their communities and their schools, wanting desperately to just be a part of community …

Gurukul Seminary is somewhere in the middle and slightly north part of Chennai. It’s a campus full of trees and surrounded by high-rise buildings. It makes for a relatively quiet campus which is close to some shopping and looming in every direction … the city,

The surrounding high-rises have added to the flooding problem though … when it rains, which it is right now, the rain stays past its welcome. Check out the campus chapel.


One thought on “The Big City

  1. We are Judy Studer’s friends, We are from Chennai. Where in Chennai are you located. If you need any help in Chennai, please do reply back, so we could send you a phone number to contact in Chennai.

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