I made it …

… in 28 hours flat, from New York to Tiruvannamalai! Trains, Planes and Automobiles to do it, but I made it with help of many gracious hosts along the way. It was about midnight local time when I left the Chennai airport and connected with Nicolaj and Sargunnan to make the journey to the Quo Vadis Interfaith Dialogue Center where I am staying this month. (Sargunnan is in the picture with me.) They greeted me with warm smiles and a very large flower garland. Hawaii’s got nothing on these garlands, it almost reached my knee.


12 thoughts on “I made it …

  1. Enjoy those garlands. But watch it. Some of them (especially yellow flowers) stain your clothes if you leave them on too long. It’s perfectly acceptable to take the garland off after a few moments.

    • The flowers abound here. Yes I made it with no stains so far, the garland are heavy and bit uncomfortable so the limited time works well. Thanks for your note Franklin.

  2. I’ve been thinking of you and praying for you as you embark on this journey of a lifetime! Keep the posts coming and know you’re being encouraged and uplifted in prayer.

    • Thanks Laura for the thoughts and prayers, as incredible as it is to be on this journey it is very encouraging to know friends back home are walking with me.

  3. Lydia and I are so happy that you made it there safely! God bless you and all of the people that you meet there and in all your travels!

    You have our prayers and our love!

    -Beau & Lydia

  4. Glad to hear you made it in safely! It was a pleasure meeting you earlier, and it will be a delight to hear and see where things will go for you. Enjoy!

    • Thanks Megan. Yes our meeting was a delight and very helpful as I worked through my continuing planning these past couple months. The trip is already incredible!

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