New York City

I visited New York City, it is home to many iconic American images, institutions and collective history. The Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Wall Street … I wanted to put those images in my head as I started off on this year of adventure.

So just a few pictures and comments…



Nearly ten years ago the Twin Towers fell, leaving us with Ground Zero. Today most of it is a construction area blocked off from street level view by blue industrial fabric.





Unless of course you can find a periodic hole … but that doesn’t lead to much either.



So you have to find a building with public windows that open up to the area to get a better view. A friendly NYPD lady directed me to this building and it’s fifth story patio that was closed due to weather but nonetheless the only close view I could find.

I couldn’t decide which one was having its picture taken most often…

New York Stock Exchange






Oh to my last truly American meal for quite awhile…

It was great to be in the city again.  It was kinder, just as busy and crowded but somehow much more human, than I remembered it….


2 thoughts on “New York City

    • Thanks Katy! There are plenty of pictures where these came from. It seems everywhere you turn here in India there is a photo opportunity.

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