Time to Fly

The months turned into weeks, the weeks into days and now the days into hours … I leave tomorrow morning on a 7AM flight. Wow. All the dreaming, planning, fretting and hope have come to this, my last day in Detroit where I am spending it with closest friends and family. A day to have a last supper, store my car, kiss everyone I love, shed a few tears and gather my courage. After all it’s just me for up to a year, well me and all the new friends I have yet to meet. What has always seemed like a great opportunity and adventure is still that and somehow it’s also a little more, it’s real.

Pray with me this year for health and hope for those I meet and the person they meet in me. Read this blog, respond with questions and encouragement. I will post from time to time, highlighting some of the highlights, the beauty, the fun and the challenge.

Detroit, Minnesota, Phoenix, Iowa … I’ll see you next year!


14 thoughts on “Time to Fly

  1. Kirsten, been thinking about you last couple of days and praying all is going well.. and goes well.. can’t wait to hear about things on your blog..


  2. Kirsten,
    You will have our prayers as you travel! Thanks for including us in your blog. We will enjoy seeing where the Spirit will lead you! Enjoy the anticipation!
    Many Blessings,
    Cheryl and Jerry Routh

    • Cheryl and Jerry
      Thanks for the prayers and the support! It is an exciting journey that I have begun.

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